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1 week agoFull season in Asia-Pacific Rally Championship for Mpart Mitsubishis
9 days agoTarga Rotorua: Start List for Leg 2 published
10 days agoTarga Rotorua: Start List for Leg 1 published
11 days agoRally of Otago entries published
 Rally of Otago published
 Hayden Paddon to run Rallye Sanremo with New Generation i20 R5
12 days agoHolder heads record DriveSouth Otago Rally field
 Hayden's Rally Mexico Wrap-Up
13 days agoNew Zealand motorsport media awards open
 Kennard to step down from WRC role after Finland
 Targa Rotorua entries published
2 weeks agoPaddon and Kennard secure fifth in Mexico
 Hyundai Motorsport secures Mexican podium and Power Stage victory
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Mon, 20 Mar 2017 - Full season in Asia-Pacific Rally Championship for Mpart Mitsubishis

Swedish constructor of the rally-developed Mitsubishi Mirage/Space Star, MPart AB, is pleased to announce that two of its cars will contest a full season in the FIA Asia-Pacific Rally Championship. One will be driven by Finnish ace Jari Ketomaa, the other by British National Cup Champion Robert Blomberg from Sweden.

Following the car's highly successful debut in the APRC, when Ketomaa finished an impressive second overall in October's Malaysian Rally, the Mirage proved it was ideally suited to the tough and varied demands that are encountered in this long standing and highly regarded championship.

...    more...

Thu, 16 Mar 2017 - Hayden Paddon to run Rallye Sanremo with New Generation i20 R5
  • Hyundai Motorsport World Rally Championship (WRC) driver Hayden Paddon will contest Rallye Sanremo in a New Generation i20 R5
  • The event will form part of Hayden’s preparations for the Tour de Corse, as he continues to improve his consistency on tarmac
  • He will be joined by co-driver Seb Marshall who will be his full time co-driver after Rally Finland.

Alzenau, Germany

March 15, 2017 - Hayden Paddon will drive a New Generation i20 R5 on the Rallye Sanremo later this month (March 29-April 1). This will be his first taste ...    more...

Wed, 15 Mar 2017 - Holder heads record DriveSouth Otago Rally field

New Zealand Rally Champion David Holder headlines a record field of 132 cars in this year’s DriveSouth International Otago Rally, to be held on April 8 and 9.

Driving the factory-backed Hyundai i20 AP4+ that WRC star Hayden Paddon drove to victory in last year’s event, Holder is one of six new-breed AP4 cars in the field, along with new generation cars from Ford, Mitsubishi and VW.

Fifty-three cars (nine of which are included in the Classic field) have registered for the opening round of the Brian Green Property Group New Zealand Rally Championship (...    more...

Wed, 15 Mar 2017 - Hayden's Rally Mexico Wrap-Up

It was another tough rally, but there are some positives we can take away, with a top 5 finish and some solid points to help kickstart our season. Although by my high standards, I wanted and expected a lot more.

Rally Mexico is one of the most demanding gravel events on the calendar, with high temperatures and high altitude putting a lot of pressure on the car. That combined with the new 2017 cars meant there were some unknown factors - which became apparent during the first long gravel stage on Friday. Most cars and teams (including us) experienced ...    more...

Tue, 14 Mar 2017 - New Zealand motorsport media awards open

Entries for the annual MotorSport New Zealand media awards are now open with this year’s awards again being open to all journalists, photographers and publicists covering MotorSport New Zealand-sanctioned events.

The five MotorSport New Zealand media awards are:

  • 2017 Motorsport Feature Journalist or Producer of the Year (print/online feature, 2500+ words or broadcast/online video or audio feature, more than 3 min)
  • 2017 Motorsport News Journalist or Reporter of the Year (print/online news article, less than 2500 words or broadcast/online video or audio, less than 3 min)
  • 2017 Motorsport Photographer of the ...    more...
Tue, 14 Mar 2017 - Kennard to step down from WRC role after Finland

History-making Kiwi rally co-driver John Kennard will step down from his role as Hayden Paddon’s co-driver in the FIA World Rally Championship after July’s Rally Finland.

Kennard and Paddon have enjoyed a 12-year partnership which has taken the now famous Kiwi pair from domestic rally competition to the heights of world rallying.

Rally Finland is a very special event for Marlborough’s Kennard who first competed there alongside his now-business partner Brent Rawstron in the 1985 1000 Lakes Rally (now Rally Finland). Rawstron and Kennard came home as the top non-Scandinavian privateers ...    more...

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1J. Gill / M. Robinson (972)2:06:17.4
2M. Dippie / J. Grant (640)+2:11.2
3T. Quinn / N. Tillett (696)+3:21.2
4R. Darrington / D. Abetz (746)+5:07.5
5R. Graham / M. Merwood (777)+6:36.6
6M. Lea / G. Handley (790)+7:04.7
7T. Grooten / B. Grooten (751)+7:29.0
8M. Kirk-Burnnand / C. Kirk-Burnnand (293)+7:43.3
9D. Rogers / A. Kelly (976)+8:38.3
10M. Wales / M. Osborne (993)+8:49.7
11J. Kouwenhoven / C. Hannaford (931)+10:37.4
12B. Green / F. Pedersen (958)+11:11.5
13M. Cole / S. Tuyl (667)+11:30.5
14C. Lewis / K. Anstis (448)+12:16.6
15T. May / R. Chalmers (596)+13:48.0
16R. Ramson / A. Lyall (796)+13:59.8
17G. Russell / L. Unsworth (613)+14:31.1
18R. Boniface / S. Butler (643)+14:59.9
19R. Gore / B. Hill (711)+15:23.8
20G. Coley / G. Browne (932)+15:50.3
21G. Drummond / M. Hollier (688)+16:54.0
22A. Butler / J. Jensen (315)+17:23.2
23R. McDonald / D. Dixon (247)+17:53.4
24J. Rae / D. Leuthart (912)+18:33.0
25I. Atkinson / M. Hanks (260)+18:35.7
26B. Farley / G. Warner (299)+18:41.1
27M. Shapley / K. Mallasch (605)+20:49.4
28J. McCandless / M. Mumm (989)+20:51.2
29M. Welch / W. Glasford (573)+20:53.4
30M. O'Donnell / W. King (446)+21:20.8
31R. MacDonald / R. Leggett (414)+23:09.0
32R. Finucane / D. White (126)+23:26.4
33M. Sexton / N. Tolich (431)+23:40.2
34L. Bawden / K. Bawden (744)+24:17.2
35M. Hellier / D. Hanna (255)+24:57.4
36G. Harriman / J. Harriman (182)+26:44.7
37R. Chubb / M. Catty (874)+28:57.0
38J. Buchanan / P. Divine (417)+30:11.7
39B. Roache / S. Hildred (913)+31:43.1
40D. O'Neill / B. Brookbanks (493)+31:56.3
41I. Knauf / T. Twomey (933)+32:31.9
42S. Smith / G. Norrish (712)+38:46.6
43K. Shinozuka / T. Oyama (101)+39:18.3
44K. Nagase / S. Nagai (103)+41:40.6
45G. Crene / C. Coutts (185)+1:08:38.9
1D. Galbraith / R. Hudson (1)59:36.3
2M. Summerfield / N. Summerfield (2)+20.6
3J. Judd / G. Marra (4)+59.3
4R. McCallum / P. Kennard (7)+1:34.7
5M. Tall / N. Gibson (3)+1:36.8
6R. Bateman / S. Guckert (9)+1:40.6
7R. Ross / B. Bartels (6)+1:40.9
8G. Ferguson / R. Moody (12)+1:49.5
9C. Strang / S. Robbie (8)+1:58.6
10G. Thomas / G. Thomas (44)+2:53.2
11J. Silcock / R. Atkinson (13)+2:59.5
12M. Klink / D. Neill (14)+3:05.4
13K. Anderson / S. Gray (11)+3:08.0
14D. Quantock / E. Quantock (10)+3:48.2
15J. McConnell / J. Smith (21)+3:50.1
16D. Gee / L. Gee (17)+3:56.4
17A. Wood / C. Lancaster (24)+4:50.6
18P. Scharmach / J. Bennett (18)+6:02.9
19M. Townshend / G. Spence (26)+6:27.1
20P. Collins / T. Spark (32)+6:37.2
21J. McDonald / C. Solomon (30)+6:39.0
22L. Owen / J. Brenssell (29)+6:49.1
23A. Sim / C. Sim (22)+6:59.8
24C. Moore / C. Nicholas (28)+7:04.4
25D. Green / H. Green (33)+7:35.0
26R. Stokes / A. Stokes (27)+7:48.8
27H. Dykes / N. Bradshaw (51)+7:53.6
28J. Skafer / T. Smith (46)+8:17.4
29D. Ollis / J. Ollis (43)+8:37.1
30D. Taylor / B. Gilbertson (56)+8:42.4
31G. Coey / A. Coey (48)+9:20.1
32A. Kermeen / T. Clark (50)+9:21.4
33B. Green / F. Pedersen (35)+9:48.2
34N. Tyson / J. Parry (53)+9:51.8
35M. Sheehan / S. Faulkner (52)+9:53.8
36S. Thorp / D. Reichenbach (49)+10:55.8
37B. Asher / T. Hewlett (39)+11:09.5
38J. Simpson / G. Littleton (59)+11:17.7
39S. Haggerty / S. Sands (38)+12:07.1
40A. Pettigrew / D. Calder (62)+12:55.0
41J. Taylor / J. Hudson (61)+13:25.7
42R. Ford / G. Wilkinson (57)+13:41.5
43H. Riddle / T. Patterson (60)+14:48.7
44J. Tainui / T. Judd (54)+15:18.8
45J. Mitchell / A. Mitchell (20)+16:55.7
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